Friday, 1 March 2013

Your turn!

Now it's time for you to start taking those dreams and passions of yours to the next level. Step it up!! You can only progress and move forward if you take action. Lets encourage each other!
I signed up to this today on your behalf remembering how you said you wanted to do volunteer work on your bday. I don't have the time and effort to do it so this is how I'm contributing. I thought it was so sweet that even on your birthday you wanted to help others. You are now an angel helping grant the wishes of seriously ill children. ^_^

Let me start you off...
I remember you mentioning you wanted to go to Paris?
What is it you want to do/see there?

You and your perfumes....I'm sure you could talk for hours on them.
What's so special about this perfume you want?

Happy Birthday Alex Dear

To the sweetest, most kind hearted little butterfly that ever walked this earth, my dear best friend Alex I wish you Happy Birthday!

I've created this blog in hopes that you can share your passions and loves with the world. Express yourself freely....and may you meet many beautiful people who share similar interests.